Our Philosophy

We build relationships that better the built environment.

Building lasting relationships is at the core of who we are. We support and empower our team to reach our full potential and use our expertise to solve complex problems. We engage and collaborate to better ourselves and provide quality solutions to today's challenges. We recognize that every relationship with our team and clients is vital, and we make positive impacts on those relationships every day with our actions and attitude.

Driven By Our Core Values



Through dedication to our employees, clients, and community we strive to engage on a personal level.  We respect and value our employees, encouraging one another to develop to our full potential and continually improve. We become long-term business partners and trusted advisors to our clients by providing creative, collaborative solutions that leverage the expertise of our employees.  We recognize that timely and respectful communication leads to better outcomes for our business, our clients, and our projects.



We recognize that timely and respectful communication leads to better outcomes for our business, our clients, and our projects. We care about the entire team and project and strive to appropriately prioritize needs so that we provide value-driven solutions that satisfy individual stakeholder desires within their schedule.



We are dependable personally and professionally.  We take ownership of our performance and are vested in producing high-quality work as a team. We hold ourselves and each other accountable to follow through on our tasks and honor our commitments.

The BKBM Approach

Expert Solutions, Crafted Locally.

Experience the confidence from working with a local engineering firm with top-tier professionals and a passion for providing the highest standards. We pride ourselves in developing engineering solutions crafted in-house by technical experts in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Denver, Colorado, who are devoted to providing your project with unparalleled design and engineering expertise.

Get the peace of mind you deserve from knowing your solutions meet the exact requirements of your industry. Our commitment to quality and excellence makes us your number-one source for reliable, local engineering solutions.

Work with our experienced professionals to create the highest quality engineering solutions for your project. Contact us today and experience the power of local expertise.

Trust in The Design - Calculate. Test. Validate.

Want to make your design a success? We will take your plans to the next level with confidence.

At BKBM, our civil and structural engineers are trained to calculate, test, and validate designs to ensure an innovative and effective solution every time. With industry-proven design programs and project management tools, you can count on a proven process that has earned us a national reputation for positive project outcomes.

Our team can not only assist in planning the project, but we can also manage and oversee the construction process to minimize costly re-designs and surprise costs, ensuring your project's quality and success.

Make the smart choice and take your next design with BKBM today. Get the quality, successful outcomes you want in a partnership.

Everyone's In This Together.

At BKBM, our projects aren't built on a hierarchy. We aim to foster collaboration with everyone on the team - contractor and sub-contractor alike - and ensure each project's outcome is the absolute best.

Our philosophy isn't just lip service. The steady growth of our business and long-standing partnerships that keep coming back speak for themselves. Through the power of listening, hard work, and the importance of collaboration, we commit to each project to get the same dedication and quality of care.

Work with the experts at BKBM today, and see how collaboration and trust can give your project optimal results.