We are civil, structural, and restoration engineering experts. Trained to be creative, designed to be responsive, and built to be collaborative. Leverage our strengths and think BIG!

Your Design Navigator AND Collaborator

At BKBM, we navigate the complex. We’re challenged and put to the test every day when building or reusing structures and developing or redeveloping sites. This is our world, our business—and it’s where we excel. We tackle design problems daily and rise up to meet challenges unheard of yesterday. When we collaborate with you, we help produce technologically advanced, practical designs; on time and within budget at the speed of today’s business. And that is saying a lot. Because building couldn’t be more complex.

Today, buildings and structures have to not only stand the test of time and be structurally sound, but also meet strict building codes and standards. They must be functional and aesthetically pleasing, reuse materials and be environmentally friendly, and protect the public’s health and well-being. Site design is also becoming more complex as regulatory requirements evolve to keep up with ever changing water quality standards and shifts in global climate.  Then add communication challenges with diverse and often disparate team locations that all need to fit within budget and schedule. Designing today is no small task.

These are challenges we meet on a daily basis with architects, building owners/end users, developers and contractors. It’s an enormous responsibility. Something we relish and thrive on. And we’ve been doing it well for new and historic structures and new and redeveloped sites for almost 50 years. From skyscrapers to parking structures, from storm water ponds to site development, we make sure your project correctly and efficiently uses design elements and materials to achieve your building’s structural and site requirements.

Test & Validate with Confidence from Start to Finish

As a multi-discipline, professional engineering firm, our engineers are trained to calculate, test and validate our designs. We use industry-leading computer design programs, advanced project management tools, and a management structure that leads to enduring and positive project outcomes. As a result, we’ve earned a national reputation for innovative design solutions and proactive project management.

Like many in our industry, we adopted and enhanced our ability to improve project collaboration within the design team of architects, clients, and our staff using Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Civil 3D software. We’re able to better coordinate structural and civil designs and communicate with the project team using a common, multi-discipline 3D environment. This results in streamlined communication along with better visualization and documentation.

Our role doesn’t end when the plans are approved. To minimize surprises and costly re-design before, during or after the project is complete, we’re with you at every step of the construction process.  We place special emphasis on quickly resolving construction issues throughout the construction phase while assisting in maintaining project quality control.  If needed, we can also act as a helpful manager, special structural inspector, or a civil or structural forensic specialist throughout and after the construction process. 

Everybody on the Project Team HAS A VOICE

At BKBM, we listen to our partners. We work with everyone, not just who directly hired us. This includes the contractor and sub-contractors to try to achieve the best possible project outcome. This is an important distinction. We may not have all the answers, but by working with the entire team, and listening…we’re able to fine tune the solution or make something even better during the project. We have countless examples of this in action. (See Projects)

A great indicator that our collaboration model builds trust is the continued growth of our business and long-standing relationships that we have formed over the years. It works!


Every Relationship.  Every Day.

BKBM approaches Every Relationship with an open mind. We listen, diligently apply our expertise, and serve with a steadfast commitment to outstanding client service. Day in and day out, we provide collaborative solutions that are value-driven. We make every effort to be a trusted advisor and responsive partner to each member of the project team. The passion, creativity, and empowerment of our employees allow us to deliver. Every Day.



Andrew M. Rauch, P.E., S.E., LEED AP

President, Executive Committee

Ronald J. LaMere, P.E.

Vice President, Executive Committee

Matthew J. Ricker, P.E.

Executive Vice President

Tina A. Wyffels, P.E.

Treasurer / Dir. of Business Development

John C. Timm, P.E.

Vice President / Director of Risk Management

Christopher R. Plessel, P.E.


Thomas J. Cesare, P.E.

Senior Associates

Joel W. Maier, P.E.

Civil Group Manager

Tim Derrick


Tony R. Foggia, P.E.

Structural Group Manager

Anthony M. Radtke, P.E.

Keith A. Matte, P.E.

Kevin A. Bohl, P.E.

Kristopher Godfrey

Director of Production Technology

Brady K. Shelbourn, P.E.

Knute K. Hinderlie

Director of Information Technology

Kris J. Borchardt, P.E.

Erik D. Godfrey