Civil Engineering

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BKBM's civil engineers specialize in helping public and private developments of all sizes. We are experienced in addressing site constraints, project budgets, agency approval processes, and stormwater management while meeting the owner's intended use and budget. 

BKBM's civil engineering department has experience with City, County, State, and Watershed District requirements and standards. We provide assistance with the public approval/permitting process by attending meetings with various governing bodies.

Civil Engineering Services Include:

  • Site Development Due Diligence Research
  • Site Concept/Master Planning
  • Site Construction Cost Opinions
  • LEED and Minnesota B3 Designs
  • Stormwater Management Design to meet Owner/Governing agency requirements
  • Site Demolition/Erosion Control Plans
  • Grading, Drainage, and Erosion Control Plans
  • Roadway, Sidewalk, and Trail Designs
  • Utility Plans
  • Railroad Designs
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)
  • Project Manual Specifications
  • Construction Observation and Construction Inspection
  • Shop Drawing Review
  • Punch List
  • Peer Review
  • Civil Forensic Engineering and Expert Testimony

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What Our Clients Have To Say» 

“BKBM’s strong point is understanding the K-12 market and customer service. There is a high level of scrutiny on quality, cost, and schedule when working on schools. There is also a wide variety of personalities to manage, from consultants to owners, to contractors, etc. I classify all of these items under the label of 'customer service', and in my experience - BKBM provides exceptional customer service. BKBM is my preferred civil and structural engineer - all day, every day." 

Robert Sehm, Wold Architects and Engineers

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