Bethel University - Storm Sewer Replacement

Replacement of the 72-inch storm sewer culverts near Lundquist Community Life Center.

Location: Arden Hills, MN
Client:  Bethel University
Service: Civil
Square Feet:  35,000
Construction Materials:  72-inch RCP Culverts

The creek that runs through the main part of campus is routed from the ditch to Lake Valentine through two 72-inch culverts. The original culverts were Corrugated Metal Pipe. These pipes collapsed, creating a sinkhole in Bethel’s Lundquist Community Life Center’s front lawn. These two pipes were replaced with 72-inch Reinforced Concrete Pipes. With the replacement of these culverts, the main sidewalk had to be removed and replaced, as well. To reduce the chance of heaving with clayey soils on site, the concrete sidewalk was heated, installed with 2-inch thick insulation, and given a sand base with drain tile beneath.

This project began in September of 2016, leading to the largest challenge of the project – time. The creek drains a portion of the City of Arden Hills. With any rain event, the creek is prone to large fluctuations in water surface elevation. In order to complete the replacement, a pump and bypass system had to be installed upstream from the project site to divert the creek around the culverts and to Lake Valentine. Due to the weather and high water level, this system had to be adjusted many times to accommodate the amount of water coming to it. The project was completed just days before Bethel’s big Christmas event.

With the new lawn, students now have access to a flat recreational lawn area where they can play Ultimate Frisbee, set up hammocks, or throw a football around.