Chaska Curling Club

The Curling Club consisted of four main areas: the welcome hallway, curling rink, restaurant and banquet room.

Location: Chaska, MN
Client: 292 Design Group
Services: Structural
Square Feet: 42,000
Construction Materials: Masonry, Precast Concrete, Composite Metal Deck, Light Gauge
The banquet room consisted of steel moment and braced frames. The interior of the gabled roof remained vaulted which required unique framing options.
The restaurant had a gabled roof over the bar area. This gabled roof required exposed steel trusses.
The welcome hall was a narrow, tall and long area. The lateral design and beam connections were specially designed to be as hidden as possible to aid on the architectural look.

The curling rink consisted of precast wall panels with glulam columns and beams. In order to provide a bright surface, white metal deck was used instead of tongue and groove decking. Special design considerations were required to connect the steel deck to the glulam purlin beams.