Comlux Aviation Hangar

Provided structural engineering services for a new 66,000 square foot aircraft hangar and adjoining 68,000 square foot two story office/service shop complex in Indianapolis, IN.

Location: Indianapolis, IN
Client: R.J. Ryan Construction
Services: Structural
Square Feet: 66,000 hanger
Construction Materials: Structural Steel, Composite Metal Deck, Precast Concrete
The hangar consists of an approximately 250’x250’ column-free clear space designed to accommodate 757-200, 737-700, and A319 aircraft. The structural system for the hangar consists of super long span bar joists spaced at 8’-0” o.c. supported by 50 foot tall precast wall panels. The hangar floor slab is a 12” thick reinforced slab on grade. The office/service shops include first level shop spaces and second level office and conference spaces.
The structural system consists of a slab on grade at first level, composite structural steel and concrete slab at second level, and a steel bar joist roof with perimeter structural precast walls.