Como Park Senior High School Athletic Field

The high school wanted to update their athletic field from grass to artificial turf and add upgrades to the bleachers, lighting and track & field facilities in order to create a multi-use facility that could host home events. However, before that work could begin the site needed to be able to manage the rain water.

Location:  Saint Paul, MN
Client:  Cuningham Group
Service:  Civil
Square Feet:  Approximately 2.25 acres or 98,000 square feet
Construction Cost:  $2.2 Million
Construction Materials:  Corrugated Steel Pipe, Synthetic Turf
During initial review by Capitol Region Watershed District, a plan to use the field space for a regional stormwater facility was discussed. BKBM was tasked with reviewing the potential drainage area to be captured, the amount of volume to be captured, several options for stormwater facilities, and an opinion of cost of the facilities. During the feasibility study, it was determined that approximately 15.4 acres of surface runoff could be captured. A 36-inch corrugated steel pipe system was selected as the most economical due to several factors, including depth of bury, volume to footprint ratio, and ease of inspection access. The infiltration system would have an infiltration volume of approximately 45,500 cubic feet and a total volume of approximately 59,000 cubic feet to allow for future growth of the system. The stormwater upgrade was a joint project partially funded by the City of Saint Paul, Saint Paul Public Schools, and the Capital Region Watershed District.
The Watershed approached the School District in January to start the feasibility study for the project. The project needed to be completed during the summer while school was out. A survey of the site would have taken at least 2 months. Adding in time for government reviews (est. 2 months) and public bids (est. 1 month), this would have set the project back a full year. BKBM was able to determine drainage areas and impervious areas using researched data from multiple sources. This saved both time and money and enabled the project to keep moving forward and achieve the desired schedule.  
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