Celebrate Kevin Bohl: New Civil Principal at BKBM!

Congratulations to Kevin Bohl on his well-deserved promotion to Principal of the Civil Group at BKBM! Kevin has made significant contributions to the firm over his 17-year tenure, showcasing his commitment to our firm’s core values, professional acumen, and strategic vision. Throughout his tenure at BKBM, Kevin has committed to his colleagues' and clients' successes.  

His caring nature has undoubtedly contributed to the positive relationships he has cultivated with clients, reinforcing BKBM's reputation as a relationship-focused and reliable team. The respect and admiration Kevin has earned within the industry speak volumes about his character and the positive impact he has on those around him.

As he takes on the role of Principal of the Civil Group, it's clear that Kevin's leadership style, which combines professionalism with a twist of fun, will continue to set the tone for success at BKBM. We wish Kevin continued success in his new position and look forward to the positive impact he will undoubtedly have on BKBM's ongoing success. Cheers to Kevin's achievements and the exciting journey ahead for the firm under his leadership!