Macalester College - Studio Arts Building

The project included a complete renovation (27,000 square feet) of the existing Studio Arts Building and a 7,000 square foot third-floor addition. BKBM provide both civil and structural engineering services for the project.

Location: St. Paul, MN
Client: HGA
Services: Structural, Civil
Square Feet: 34,000
Construction Materials: Masonry, Composite Metal Deck, Structural Steel, Cast-in-Place Concrete
Civil Services: Grading and Drainage Design, Stormwater Management, Site Demolition, SWPPP, Utility Design, Erosion/Sediment Control
The Studio Arts Building was the second phase of renovation of the Fine Arts Facility at Macalester College. The project included 1.9 acres of redevelopment consisting of a new parking lot, plaza areas and permeable paved sidewalks. Surface improvements were also made over the below grade power plant and oil vault. Stormwater management for the second phase site disturbance was routed to the stormwater tanks constructed in the first phase. Challenges included grading over the power plant and oil vault as well as designing a traffic calming entry from Macalester Street in the new parking lot.
An entirely new building envelope was created to enclose portions of the existing concrete frame that were previously exposed to the elements.  Fiber-reinforced polymers were utilized to increase the capacity of existing concrete beams. One-story was added to the existing structure to provide a new third floor.  The roof of the third floor addition was designed to accommodate a future green roof load.