MnDOT Clear Lake and Des Moines River Rest Areas

Reimagine Rest Areas: Jackson, MN's Upgrade Showcases Sustainable Structures Integrated Into The Beautiful Landscapes.

Location: Jackson, MN
Client: Alliiance
Services: Structural
Square Feet: Clear Lake – 5,000 sf, Des Moines – 4,800 sf
Construction Materials: Cast-in-Place Concrete, Masonry, Structural Steel

This project involved replacing two outdated safety rest areas located along I-90 near Jackson, MN. The main restroom buildings used structural masonry walls and steel framing to support diagonally sloping green roofs. At the Des Moines River site, the restroom building also features sweeping curved roof deck edges that create dramatic overhangs, providing shelter to visitors as they enter. Besides, both sites have picnic pavilions, storage buildings, screen walls that conceal trash bins and LP tanks, and cast-in-place concrete playground climbing walls. Additionally, an observation deck overlooks the river valley at the Des Moines River site.