Range Family Dental, Minnesota

Range Family Dental is a one-story, scissor truss and glu-lam framed structure. Integrating exposed structure, vaulted ceilings, and substantial glass cladding, it is an inviting and warm structure for all who enter.

High-Quality Structures, Expertly Selected for Optimal Value.

Location: Virginia, MN
Client:  Foundation Architects
Service:  (Structural & Civil)
Square Feet:  4,000
Construction Materials: Masonry foundation walls, wood framing


The structure is composed of scissor trusses and glulam trusses, both of which are delegated design elements. BKBM collaborated with suppliers during design and construction to ensure delegated design components could be designed, fabricated, and installed economically while providing a finished look that invites users into the space. BKBM’s knowledge of the strengths and abilities of local tradesmen and suppliers enabled BKBM to expertly select structural materials that would provide necessary integrity and provide the best value to the owner given project size, schedule, and location.