Sanford Middle School Addition and Renovation, Minnesota

Modifying a historic structural system is not an easy undertaking, especially to meet demands of a modern mechanical system, and the design team worked with the contractor throughout construction as unforeseen and challenging existing conditions had to be addressed quickly and creatively to keep the project on schedule.

Preserving History, Building for the Future.

Location:  Minneapolis, MN
Client:  Miller Dunwiddie
Service:  Structural
Square Feet:  67,000
Construction Cost:  Approx. $18M
Construction Materials:  Steel framed with composite floors, masonry bearing walls at gym  

Sanford Middle School was an outdated facility located in South Minneapolis in a changing community that needed to accommodate increasing enrollment from a diverse student population.  To meet the projected enrollment, the project team developed a plan to demolish a portion of the 3-story 1920’s concrete-framed facility and replace with a 60,000 sq. ft. 4-story steel framed classroom addition and 7,000 sq. ft. gym nestled into the existing building and immediately adjacent to a historic auditorium.  To match the character of the original structure, and meet community feedback, salvaged stonework and new architectural features merged the new to existing on this urban school.