Comcast Parking Ramp Repairs

Performed structural/restoration engineering services for repairs to an existing 289’x224’ parking structure.

Location: Minnetonka, MN
Client: Comcast
Services: Restoration
Construction Materials: Post-Tensioned Concrete

Project included repair of spalled and delaminated concrete on the top and bottom sides of the slab, repair/replacement of post-tensioned tendons, and repair of delaminated column bases. Condition surveys had detected areas of delaminated concrete, and destructive testing had indicated a limited number of failed post-tensioned tendons.

The initial work scope for the repair project was estimated to be approximately 1,000 square feet of slab repair and 10 post-tensioned tendon repairs based on the previous investigations. Upon removal of delaminated concrete, large numbers of corroded and broken post-tensioned tendons were discovered, requiring complete closure of the parking ramp for extensive repairs. In total, approximately 3,000 square feet of slab repairs and 180 tendon repairs were performed.