Revel Apartments, Minnesota

The building is a mixed-use property located in Uptown along Lake Street. The building includes two below-grade levels of parking, commercial at street level, and primarily residential for levels 2-6.

A Structurally-Innovative Design with Endless Possibilities.

Location: Minneapolis, MN
Client:  ESG Architects
Service:  Structural & Civil
Square Feet:  207,000
Construction Cost: ~ $25 million
Construction Materials: Wood, post-tensioned concrete

The building has permanent steel sheet pile foundations on three sides tight to the property lines and a concrete foundation wall on the other side directly adjacent (1’ away from) an existing permanent sheet pile foundation for the building to the west. Our innovative design included temporary and permanent lateral support for the adjacent building due to excavation, 20' tall floor-to-floor heights at the first floor residential space to house a new Target store, hanging concrete columns to support a mezzanine floor and patio space over the structured drive lane, and wood-framed "shadow boxes" that cantilever from the building face at various unit balconies. This building has it all!