Ridgedale Library, Minnesota

Remodel of existing library to modernize layout and improve functionality that included a new mechanical penthouse, fa├žade restoration, and site improvements.

Enhanced Structural Performance and Improved Parking Lot Drainage

Location:  Minnetonka, MN 55305
Client:  Gensler
Service:  Structural, Civil, and Restoration
Square Feet:  66,000
Construction Cost:  $11.8 million
Construction Materials:  Structural steel
Collaborated with our client to position a new structural steel-framed penthouse in a location that minimized reinforcement of the existing structure. Fire-rated operable wall supports were designed, and loading dock was reconfigured.

Site design included reconfiguring the parking lot to provide 9-foot wide parking stalls and 26-foot wide drive lanes. The redesign of the parking lot also included a new pavement section that consists of a select granular subgrade with drain tile to improve pavement performance and new catch basin inlets to improve parking lot drainage.

Due to the amount of site disturbance, stormwater management is now provided for the entire site. An underground stormwater filtration system was constructed to treat and rate control stormwater runoff from the entire site. The watershed district required Minimal Impact Design Standards performance goals that included on-site retention of 1.1 inches of stormwater runoff from the site’s impervious surfaces before discharging to the wetland located east of the site.

Site design also consisted of upgrades to the site’s water service system. Due to the age of the water pipe and the caustic nature of the on-site soils, several watermain breaks had occurred within the past few years. All the ductile iron water service pipe under the north parking lot and a new water service to the building were constructed to replace the aging water service infrastructure.