Washington County Courthouse Addition

The Washington County Campus project included three major parts: A five-story courthouse addition, a three-story addition on top of the existing law enforcement center, and new secure links to connect different areas of the campus.

Location: Stillwater, MN
Client: Wold Architects and Engineers
Services: Structural
Square Feet: 250,000
Construction Material: Masonry, Precast Concrete, Composite Metal Deck, Structural Steel, Light Gauge
Nestled between two existing campus buildings, the five-story structural steel and precast courthouse addition foundations were an area of concern as on one side the foundations were one story below the existing building and on the other side, the foundations were one level above the exisigng building ground level. BKBM worked closely with a specialty foundations engineer to determine the best practical solution for this complicated soil retention issue.
Three additional levels of composite steel were added on top of the existing two-story law enforcement center. The existing structure was originally designed with the intent of adding levels, but many of the existing foundations, particularly the existing shear wall foundations, required supplemental reinforcement to adequately support the additional gravity and lateral loads.  This was accomplished with the use of helical piers.
With many government buildings on the same campus, security is a priority. The new secure links constructed on the site include a new secure front/main entry, links between the existing law enforcement center and courthouse buildings, and a secure tunnel and elevator built below the existing facility to securely transport people from the jail to the courthouse.