Conejos Apartments, Colorado

Denver is experiencing a housing shortage, and BKBM Engineers have been invited to join the modular design team for an 8 over 1 apartment project. The project features 89 units with puzzle parking, precast concrete podiums, and cold-formed steel (CFS) modular units with demising shear walls and finished interiors. Architectural components such as balconies, decks, pergolas, grilling stations, and solar-ready roofing appeal to residents.

Innovative Engineering Solutions For Modern Housing Needs.

Location: Denver, CO
Client: Sophium Real Estate
Service: Structural
Square Feet: 13,475
Construction Cost: $21 M
Construction Materials: Cold-Formed Steel Modular, Precast concrete

The city of Denver has been facing a housing shortage due to an influx of immigrants over several years, combined with a real estate market that struggles to keep up with the demand. To address this issue, high-density housing has been suggested as a solution.

In this endeavor, BKBM Engineers was invited to join the modular design team, leveraging our expertise in providing structural EOR services for an apartment project consisting of 89 units on a precast concrete podium with a below-grade puzzle parking system on a drilled pier foundation. Collaboration was vital for the success of the project, as we coordinated with cold-formed steel (CFS) modular team, precast concrete design consultants, building fabricator, and erector. We focused on designing the CFS modular units with wind and seismic load paths through demising shear walls, instead of through the precast concrete stair and elevator cores. With only field connections required for MEP hookups, the units were finished inside, and the architectural features, including balconies, decks, and grilling stations, were constructed on-site, providing unique building features for residents. Moreover, the building design incorporated a solar-ready roof, further enhancing its eco-friendliness.