Mt. Olivet Lutheran Church Addition, Minnesota

With the front of the addition having two of three levels below grade, a substantial structure can serve the campus while the main Sanctuary remains the focus – a key feature requested by the architect. The slope on the site drops quickly to showcase the full depth of the building from the rear, maximizing daylight throughout the space and providing a view of Schutz Lake.

Maximizing Value through Proactive Collaboration

Location:                                 Victoria, MN
Client:                                      CREO Design Collaborative, HW2
Service:                                   Structural
Square Feet:                            45,000
Construction Materials:           Concrete, Steel, Glu-lam, Engineered lumber, Masonry


The structure is a three-story addition “walk-out” with two levels underground retained by massive concrete walls and footings. The floor system is steel-framed composite floors. The roof structure is a mix of engineered wood, glu-lams, open web steel joists, and a steel composite mechanical yard hidden by parapets nearly a story tall. A large composite wood deck with steel sub-framing sits some 30’ in the air, providing ample outdoor space attached directly to the main building. The design of the structure required a wide range of expertise due to the various material types and unique design features. By actively seeking to understand the intent of the building, we could review the competing constraints for each space to produce a design that provided great value to the owner. As the construction phase commenced, a columbarium was added to the project. As we came to understand the intent of this added component, we remained proactive with the construction team to capitalize on efficiencies during construction while the columbarium design was being completed, maximizing the value provided to the owner.