Oaks Union Depot, Minnesota

The project is a 70 unit apartment complex with two levels of parking in downtown St. Paul. The building has three levels of post-tensioned concrete (parking level, main floor, and podium slab) with 5 stories of wood above. Wood framing included a partial mezzanine level at the top floor, and the top floor of wood framing was offset inward at the exterior walls to create recessed balconies.

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Location:  St. Paul, MN
Client:  Kaas Wilson Architects
Service:  Civil and Structural
Square Feet:  94,155 sq. ft.
Construction Cost:  $17 Million
Construction Materials:  5-story wood on PT podium

The building was located within 1'-0" of the site property lines on all four sides, and the site was located directly adjacent to the light-rail line with a maximum of two stories of unbalanced soils between the northwest and southeast corners of the building. This combination required blindside waterproofing and a raker-and-waler system for temporary soil retention on the north side of the site. The foundations were on battered piles due to the unbalanced soils, and several existing piles were discovered during excavation. Over 90% of the planned pile caps required field modifications due to conflicts with existing piles and piles driven out of tolerance. BKBM worked with the Contractor to quickly address each individual cap condition and provide modifications to cap dimensions and reinforcing within 1-2 days of pile surveying to keep the project moving with minimal impact to schedule.