Amazon Fulfillment Center

BKBM was contracted to provide civil engineering services for the development of an approximate 855,000 square foot building for Amazon.

Location: Shakopee, MN
Client: Seefried Industrial Properties
Services: Civil

The 65 acre site is located on the Northeast Corner of the intersection of Shenandoah Drive and 4th Avenue in Shakopee, MN. Minimal elevation change across the site in addition to high bedrock added complexity to the drainage and stormwater management design. Due to the tight project timeline, BKBM needed to complete initial design in two weeks for city review. To accommodate the high bedrock and minimal grade changes, BKBM proposed raising the building’s first floor elevation.

The final building elevation was based on minimizing the cost between blasting the bedrock and importing fill to the site. Raising the building also helped to provide fall for the proposed sanitary and storm sewer systems. Due to the proximity of bedrock, infiltration was not a feasible option. To meet the MPCA and City of Shakopee stormwater requirements, BKBM proposed the use of filtration basins throughout the site.